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Academic Staff Excellence Awards

Photo: Dave Tobin in front of satellite dish

Through his research in the field of satellite instruments, David Tobin has earned a global reputation as a scientist supplying the world with better knowledge of climate trends and hazard-ous weather. Tobin is among eight winners of the 2017 Academic Staff Excellence Awards. You'll find them in classrooms, labs, offices, gardens and yes, even rooftops. “They inspire our students, strengthen the work of their colleagues, educate the world and ensure that the mission of this institution never falters,” says Chancellor Rebecca Blank.

Top Stories

Amazon pickup at Sellery Hall planned for fall

Photo: Sellery Residence Hall

Less delivery traffic on campus and more revenue for the university will be two of the results of putting an Amazon package pickup location in Sellery Residence Hall. The facility is expected to open this fall. Amazon will pay UW-Madison about $600,000 over the next five years under the agreement.

Thursday’s the day for Terrace chairs to return

Photo: Woman carrying Terrace chair

Studying and socializing on the Terrace, only a glimmer in the eyes of students and staff these past few months, can resume Thursday as the tables and sunburst chairs return to Memorial Union at 3 p.m. The campus community is invited to help carry in the chairs by lining up at the Park Street entrance starting at 2.

Kick your writing up a notch!

UW-Madison offers a full range of services for aspiring and experienced authors. Come learn from instructors and industry pros and chart a path to success.

Around Campus

Network to promote STEM diversity

Photo: Ahna Skop

The STEM Diversity Network is a website for students, faculty and staff in science, technol-ogy, engineering and math. The network, built by Associate Professor Ahna Skop and students, will promote the recruitment, retention and success of diverse university members studying and working in STEM fields.

Chemical reactions could answer questions about life

Photo: Flowers in UW Arboretum

Could a collection of vials rocking back and forth on a lab bench yield clues to the origin of life? That's what a group of UW researchers is hoping. They are seeking to understand how chemical reactions could give rise, under the right conditions, to life forms — suggesting how common life might be in the universe.

Students go above and beyond at Transcend Madison

Photo: Students at Transcend Madison competition

An advanced 3-D printer for quickly printing high-quality, high-quantity metal parts, and a device that could improve health care following cardiac surgery are among the inventions stu-dents presented during the Transcend Madi-son Innovation Competition. The event was part of UW-Madison’s Innovation Days.

Correction: Professor Randolph Ashton

Photo: Randolph Ashton

In last Thursday's item about research into growing spinal tissue in a dish, we got the first name of the biomedical engineering professor profiled in the story wrong. He is Randolph Ashton, not Randall. We apologize for the mistake. See the original story.

Campus Initiatives

Campus Food Shed collects extra research produce

Graphic: Food Shed logo of wooden refrigerator with vegetables inside

A new project, the Campus Food Shed, is get-ting up and running this spring. The goal is to collect produce from researchers and student farmers that is not needed for research or out-reach purposes and make it available to students and the public. Four large coolers will be placed in campus locations.

Inside Info

Sweet treat for athletes promotes performance

Photo: Tub of ice cream

It's still ice cream, but it's so much more. UW Athletics has teamed up with the Babcock Dairy Plant on campus to add and subtract ingredients to its familiar recipes to produce a variety with performance and recovery benefits for student-athletes — and all the flavor of real ice cream. Watch how it's made.


Mahalingam attracted by UW reputation in plants

Photo: Mali Mahalingam

Ramamurthy “Mali” Mahalingam joined the fac-ulty of the Department of Agronomy in October. After earning degrees in India and the U.S., he was on the faculty at Oklahoma State for 12 years. "UW-Madison has a fantastic group of plant scientists who have gained international recognition in their research areas," he says.

Everything under one roof

Host your next event at the Fluno Center and find well-appointed guest rooms, an award-winning culinary program and menus, flexible meeting spaces and more.

In the Media

UW alumnus, affiliate Desmond wins Pulitzer Prize

Photo: Matthew Desmond

This year's selection for Go Big Read by alumnus Matthew Desmond, who's an affiliate of the UW's Institute for Research on Poverty, has won the Pulitzer Prize for General Nonfiction. His book "Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City" is based on research Desmond did in Milwaukee.

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