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Your worksite, your website

Photo: Screenshot of Working at UW website

UW-Madison is reshaping the way it communicates with its workforce. A new website called Working at UW ( launches today, to be followed by a new employee-focused email digest later this spring. Working at UW is designed to be your employee home base, bringing together all of the resources you need in one place. Explore the site and discover information, news, tools and services to help you be informed, connected and effective.

Top Stories

Chancellor discusses adopted tenure policy

Photo: Rebecca Blank

The process of adopting a tenure policy for UW-Madison concluded last week with approval by the UW System Board of Regents. Chancellor Rebecca Blank says the policy "is workable, consistent with our peers, and provides tenure protections that should reassure our faculty."

Campus Master Plan open house tomorrow

Illustration: Proposal for Charter Street-Linden Drive intersection

Interested in how campus open spaces will look and feel in the coming years? You'll have an opportunity Wednesday night to see what planners working on the preliminary Campus Master Plan update have come up with. Related: Q&A with Campus Planning and Landscape Architecture Director Gary Brown.

100 Guest Rooms Conveniently Located Downtown

Come enjoy the amenities at the Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired Fluno Center. Conveniently located on University Ave. with excellent dining on-site.

Around Campus

No typical day in artist in residence’s classroom

Photo: Amy Franceschini

What do ancient seeds, social activism and square dances all have in common? Amy Franceschini is the Arts Institute's 2016 Interdisciplinary Artist in Residence at UW-Madison, and her art course combines all these elements to help push students out of their comfort zones.

Students span the globe to study abroad

Graphic: Map of where students are studying abroad

From Italy to Iceland and from China to Cape Verde, Badgers are studying abroad in record numbers. Nearly 30 percent of UW–Madison students who earned bachelor’s degrees in 2013–14 went overseas. Two-thirds of students who study abroad say they do so to improve their chances in the job market.

Human rights and climate change

Photo: Sumudu Atapattu

Before discussing her new book, Sumudu Atapattu wants to make one thing clear: Human activity is causing the planet to heat up. “We can no longer dispute it,” she says. That settled, the UW-Madison law professor is seeking to shift the emphasis of the climate debate to people and their rights.

Outside UW

Ecuador: Better health through messaging

Some communities in Ecuador face water-borne illness because of contaminated water or poor hygiene and sanitation. CALS Professor Bret Shaw last year helped implement a social science approach that uses psychological and communication tools to help villagers make lasting behavior changes.

Inside Info

How much exercise is enough?

Photo: Woman lifting weights

Is 20 minutes of exercise enough to make a difference? Recommendations of the amount and types of exercise are published frequently. They range from very specific (X number of minutes X number of days) to the much more general. But there is not a ”one size fits all” answer, say UW Health experts.


New faculty member came to make a difference

Photo: Thea Whitman

Thea Whitman wanted to pursue a career where she could have a meaningful impact on environmental issues. Now she has it as a faculty member in the Department of Soil Sciences. "I am fascinated by the beautiful complexities of soil, from its tiniest inhabitants to its role in the global carbon cycle," she says.

LaFollette Symposium: Governance in Trouble?

Two policy experts discuss the future of effective democracy amid heightened partisanship, Thurs., 4/21, 2 and 3:30 p.m., Discovery.


‘Full of life’ airs tonight on Forward Motion

Photo: Formerly homeless man walking up Bascom Hill

Tonight at 8:30 p.m. on Forward Motion, the Big Ten Network show about UW-Madison, a visiting artist shows an unexpected way of celebrating life; a formerly homeless man gets his life back on track; the university partners with citizen scientists; and answers to the most common questions about bugs.

In Memoriam

Marcus Singer wrote and taught for 65 years

Photo: Marcus Singer

Emeritus Professor of Philosophy Marcus Singer died in February at age 90. "He taught that moral philosophy must deal with the 'whole life, how one ought to live his own life,'" says his obituary at "He taught people how to think for themselves." A memorial service will be held Sunday, April 17.

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