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Catching some rays

Image: Illustration of gamma rays in space

The Incredible Hulk may have been created by gamma radiation, but David Banner could never get mad enough to catch gamma rays streaking to earth. A team of researchers at UW–Madison is building cameras that can see the arrival from space of these cosmic rays, marked by a cascade of subatomic particles created when gamma rays smash mole-cules in the atmosphere. The rays they detect can tell phys-icists new things about the cosmic events — like exploding stars, or even elusive dark matter — that produce them.

Top Stories

Blog will tell how UW is supporting research enterprise

Photo: Marsha Mailick

An "assault on research" creates uncertainty for UW-Madison, says Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education Marsha Mailick in the debut post on her new blog. The blog's goal is to inform campus and start con-versations about how the university supports research. Sign up to receive every post.

Gallery: Powwow a powerful celebration of culture

Photo: Woman in Native American costume

Colorful costumes, rhythmic drumming and even a dancing Bucky celebrated Native American culture during the On Wisconsin Annual Spring Powwow, organized by the UW student group Wunk Sheek. It was an occasion for young and old, Native or not, to participate in and appreciate indigenous traditions.

Your writing is important!

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Around Campus

Society honors grad students who advocate diversity

Photo: Edward Alexander Bouchet

Five grad students and a postdoc are being inducted into a group that promotes diversity and excellence in doctoral education. The Edward Alexander Bouchet Society, founded by Yale and Howard Universities, is named for the first self-identified African-American to receive a doctorate in the U.S.

Game to root out bias wins national recognition

Still from video game: Faculty members talking with student

A video game that uses real-life experiences to raise awareness of bias at colleges, particu-larly among students pursuing STEM degrees, is gaining wider exposure. The UW-Madison creators of "Fair Play" plan to begin workshops around the country as a professional development tool for faculty and staff.

Business school, L&S team up on humanities program

Graphic: National Endowment for the Humanities logo

Business students will gain insights into history, literature and philosophy in a new NEH-funded program to infuse business degrees with the humanities. Among other activities, teams of business and humanities students will work together to tackle a major community problem and develop solutions.

Gibbs seeks answers to tropical deforestation

Photo: Holly Gibbs

The relationship between agribusiness and deforestation in the Amazon presents a chick-en-or-egg conundrum. Finding out which came first could provide important insights. The Nelson Institute's Holly Gibbs is using high-res satellite imagery to document the soy and cattle industry’s evolution in Brazil.

Outside UW

Health care is going to the (police) dogs

Photo: Veterinarian examining police dog

Police K-9 units around Wisconsin will have better access to health care for their ailing animals through an effort by the School of Veterinary Medicine. “It helped us save his career,” says a sheriff's deputy about his partner. “He’s bounced back to a point where he seems better than he was as a puppy.”

Nope. Find hope instead.

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Guthier feted for service to Union movement

Photo: Mark Guthier

The Association of College Unions International has given Wisconsin Union Director Mark Guthier an award recognizing his significant contributions to the college union and student activities movement. Guthier is only the third director in the Union's nearly 100-year history.

In the Media

After unpredictable start, history major says “cheese”

Photo: Mike Matucheski holding cheese wheel

Mike Matucheski, winner of the 2017 U.S. Cheese Championships, is a UW graduate with a degree in history. "I went to UW-Madison, my interests were journalism and archaeology ..." he tells the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. "There is really no set path to becoming a cheesemaker."

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