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Still believin’!

Photo: Fans cheering in Rathskeller

From Indianapolis to Madison, the passion that came with the Wisconsin victory over Kentucky in the NCAA men's basketball semifinal this weekend was palpable. For those who can only imagine what it was like, from last week's team sendoff at the Kohl Center, to the Final Four preparations at Lucas Oil Stadium, right on through the frenzied fan celebrations at the Memorial Union and on State Street, this photo essay will put you in the crowd.

Top Stories

Video highlights: Epic in Indy

Photo: Closeup of basketball

Whether you watched the game or not, this highlight reel from Saturday night is a must-see. Re-live the excitement, and reinforce your memories of an epic showdown and thrilling outcome. Warning: May cause spontaneous cheering and fist-bumping.

Where to watch the championship game on campus

Photo: Fans in front of big screen

The Wisconsin Union will host the official on-campus NCAA men’s basketball championship game watch at both Union South and Memorial Union. Most spaces will be will open by 5 p.m. Fans are encouraged to arrive early to ensure seating in preferred locations.

In the Paint with Mike Lucas: Duke

Photo: Duke player defending

Although Duke beat Wisconsin 80-70 four months ago at the Kohl Center, both teams have changed since then. The Badgers "have been challenged like no other team has been challenged since the tournament began seeding in 1979," writes Mike Lucas.

Around Campus

Final four brings research powerhouses together

Photo: David Watkins and Holly Kolar

The university communities of UW-Madison, Duke, Kentucky and Michigan State may have had basketball foremost on their minds this weekend, but year-round those minds are performing extraordinary research, making the universities economic engines for their states and the nation.


Fans get fired up on #UWSocial

Screen shot: Man holding Badger flag

Social media brings Badger fans from near and far together. Fans at home and at the games are sharing their wacky, whimsical observations on #UWSocial. Keep following to see Badger spirit at its best! Want to join in? Share your tweets, Instagrams and Vines. #badgers #finalfour

In the Media ‘Loose and can’t lose’

Photo: Frank Kaminsky smiling

Sports Illustrated calls them "the loosest team in the country." The Badgers have become well-known for their off-the-court frivolity, but they're all business on the floor. "If the weight of expectations fell upon Wisconsin, it would probably land on a whoopee cushion," Brian Hamilton writes.


Special bonus issue of Inside UW

Graphic: Motion W

If it wasn't already obvious, this is a special Monday issue of Inside UW-Madison. Look for your familiar Inside UW news and features Tuesday morning as usual, along with a game wrap-up. On, Wisconsin!

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