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Revisiting war-torn Poland

Photo: Waclaw Szybalski

Emeritus Professor of Oncology Waclaw Szybalski grew up as an aspiring scientist during World War II in the eastern part of Poland and put a decidedly applied type of science to work: He cooked TNT so the Polish resistance could sabotage rail lines. He participated in smuggling typhus vaccine to Jews. And he fed lice and supervised "louse feeders." A newly published book relies heavily on the memories and writings of Szybalski, who became a famed UW-Madison geneticist.

Top Stories

Mailick takes on one of campus’s hardest jobs

Photo: Marsha Mailick

If Marsha Mailick is at all intimidated by the prospect of taking on one of the hardest jobs on the UW-Madison campus, there is no hint of it in her demeanor. This week, as Mailick assumes the role of interim vice chancellor for research and graduate education, she is all business, eager to hit the ground running.

Who’s who in the new research-grad education leadership

Photo: Wendy Crone

There will be many familiar faces and a few new ones on the third floor of Bascom Hall as the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education and the Graduate School become distinct, but intimately connected entities — including Wendy Crone, who will be the interim Grad School dean.  

Campus construction projects to wrap up soon

Photo: State Street Mall construction

Students will be welcomed back by the familiar sight of construction, but some of the dust should soon clear. The State Street-Library Mall construction project is scheduled to finish in October, with Park Street reopening this week. Related: Residence halls move-in will affect traffic, parking.  

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Around Campus

Blank embraces system budget request

Ray Cross

The chancellor has endorsed UW System President Ray Cross' call for a $95 million increase in the system's next budget. The plan, called the “Talent Development Initiative,” was approved by the Board of Regents in Oshkosh Thursday and forwarded to Governor Scott Walker.

Convocation to welcome students, encourage service

Photo: Chancellor's Convocation

UW-Madison Chancellor Rebecca Blank will mark the beginning of a new academic year with the Chancellor's Convocation, an annual welcome to incoming freshmen and transfer students. The event will be held Friday at the Kohl Center and highlight a theme fundamental to the university: service.

Campus Initiatives

UW-Madison chosen for cloud computing research

Illustration: laptop computers connected to clouds

UW-Madison has been chosen to be part of a project called CloudLab for the development of cloud computing infrastructure. CloudLab will enable researchers in core areas of computer science to evaluate novel cloud technologies in a realistic environment.

Inside Info

Five things everyone should know about gluten

Photo: Tip of wheat plant in field

You hear a lot about gluten these days, but how well do you really understand it? What is gluten? Is it harmful? Should you cut it out of your diet even if you don't have celiac disease? Beth Olson, professor of nutritional sciences, has the answers.


Time-Lapse Tuesday video: Res halls rising

Graphic: Time-Lapse Tuesdays

In today's Time-Lapse Tuesday, watch Ogg Hall (the sequel) spring forth from the ground, and Dejope Hall rise along the lake. If you think life is fast-paced in UW residence halls, this video will show you how right you are.


Jirtle wins epigenetics award

Photo: Randy Jirtle

Randy Jirtle, a senior scientist in the McArdle Laboratory for Cancer Research at the School of Medicine and Public Health, has earned the Linus Pauling Functional Medicine Award for his work in epigenetics and genomic imprinting.


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