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Under a new leaf

Photo: View looking up at oak tree tops

If you want to get a neighbor’s attention, start cutting down some of their favorite trees. That was a lesson the UW–Madison Arboretum quickly learned 25 years ago as upset residents reacted to an ambitious oak savanna restoration project. Yet the Wingra Oak Savanna thrives today, supported by neighborhood volunteers who help maintain and expand it. Related: Protecting the future of oak.

Top Stories

Student Klan activities in 1920s to be reviewed

Photo: Rebecca Blank speaking to Board of Regents

It's been well-documented that a student group going by the name of the Ku Klux Klan existed at the UW during the 1920s. Chancellor Rebecca Blank has created an ad hoc study group to advise how to "acknowledge and respond to this history." Related: Campus leaders appalled by Charlottesville events.

Campus works to prevent sexual harassment

Everyone deserves a safe, respectful work environment. To help support that, all UW-Madison employees must complete a new training by Sept. 30. The university is also working to make sure staff know where to report harassment.

Graduate School Degree Dash

There’s still time to register! All are welcome. Race distances are based on average years to degree: 5.7-mile Doctoral Derby or 1.75-mile Master’s Mile.

Around Campus

Satellite provided unique vantage point for eclipse

Photo: Satellite view of shadow of the moon over southeastern U.S.

UW-Madison scientists observed yesterday's rare eclipse through the eye of one of the world’s most advanced weather satellites, with images at five-minute intervals stitched together into a video dramatically following the shadow of the moon across the U.S. Related: Eclipse viewing on campus (slideshow).

Massey plans for collaboration, innovative technologies

Photo: Anne Massey

As the new dean of the Wisconsin School of Business, Anne Massey intends to take a cross-disciplinary approach that "centers on working across, as I like to call it, different thought worlds ... engineering, computer science, the medical school, and others."

Department name change takes the ‘zoo’ out of ‘zoology’

Photo: Man looking at stuffed polar bear in Birge Hall

The Department of Zoology has been renamed the Department of Integrative Biology, to reduce confusion and reflect the broad scope of subjects it covers. Only the department name is changing; there will still be a major, graduate program and courses called zoology.

Genetics art installation gets NSF boost

Graphic: Artist rendering of genetic art installation

A traveling art exhibit made possible by a National Science Foundation broader impacts award will celebrate the imagery used in support of genetic and genomic research. The installation is a 40-foot grouping of dozens of mirrors etched with biological images.

Campus Initiatives

Five-year reviews begin for four deans

UW crest

Every five years, UW-Madison deans undergo a comprehensive review to assess their academic and administrative leadership and performance in such areas as external relations and resource management. This year, four deans are being reviewed.

Expand your world with language this fall

Explore the world without leaving campus. Continuing Studies offers fun, affordable evening classes in six different languages. Learn more!


Presenter of chemistry shows wins national award

Photo: Bassam Shakhashiri conducting experiment

Bassam Shakhashiri is the recipient of the 2018 Grady-Stack Award for Interpreting Chemistry for the Public. He may be best known for his presentations — such as “Once Upon a Christmas Cheery in the Lab of Shakhashiri" — that delight adults and children.

In the Media

Watson thought he’d found Vulcan during 1878 eclipse

Photo: James Watson

James Watson, first director of the Washburn Observatory, spent years trying to verify that what he thought he saw during a total solar eclipse in 1878 was the planet Vulcan, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports. Only after his death was it proven that the otherwise-distinguished astronomer was mistaken.


‘Weather Geek’ to present Robock lecture

Photo: Marshall Shepherd

Zombies, Sports, and Cola: What Do They Mean For Communicating Weather and ClimateThat is the question Marshall Shepherd — host of The Weather Channel's "Weather Geeks" — will answer in the Len Robock Annual Lecture Sept. 7.

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