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Fishing exhibition

Photo: Kandis Elliot in front of fish poster

Fully grown, the least darter is one inch long — Wisconsin’s smallest fish. The lake sturgeon, which can grow to more than 6 feet, is the biggest. In between are 181 other species, and each and every one of them will soon have its moment in the spotlight, thanks to gifted scientific illustrator Kandis Elliot. In a series of stunning posters for sale through the UW-Madison Zoology Museum — including an epic 13-footer that depicts every species of Wisconsin fish at its average adult size — Elliot is on a mission to accurately document the inhabitants of our state’s more than 15,000 lakes, rivers and streams.

Top Stories

How a patient got her wish and a video went viral

Photo: Ann Trachtenberg and drummer

It started out as a joke, and ended up being an Internet sensation. Ann Trachtenberg said she wanted a marching band for her final chemo treatment and, much to her surprise, she got one. Susan Lampert Smith brings us the inside story of how — and why — the Carbone Cancer Center's video of the event went viral.

Little-used pedestrian bridge coming down

Photo: Pedestrian bridge to Vilas Hall

How often do you walk on the pedestrian bridge spanning University Avenue between Vilas Hall and Humanities? Not very, apparently. Deteriorating and little-used, the overpass will be demolished next week. Lane closures and detours are planned in the area throughout the week.

Be iconic. Give back.

The Red Shirt™, Eighth Edition is now on sale. Become an icon by getting the only shirt that gives back — proceeds go to the Great People Scholarship.

Around Campus

New education dean is both outsider and insider

Photo: Diana Hess

Diana Hess has started her position as the new dean of the School of Education. Hess is no stranger to campus, having worked as a faculty member with the Department of Curriculum and Instruction from 1999 until 2011 before joining the Spencer Foundation. Hess sat down recently for this Q&A.

Obama taps Kimble to head science medal panel

Photo: Judith Kimble

President Obama has named Judith Kimble to chair the President’s Committee on the National Medal of Science. Since its inception, 11 UW-Madison faculty members have received the award, which is the nation’s highest honor for achievement and leadership in science and technology.  

Outside UW

Chancellor touts Oshkosh Corporation collaboration

Photo: Rebecca Blank and Thomas Quigley

After seeing firsthand the technologies that Oshkosh Corporation is building in Wisconsin and sending around the world, Chancellor Rebecca Blank stressed the value of collaboration between the university and companies such as Oshkosh, which employs nearly 100 UW-Madison alumni.

Inside Info

Guys can have body image issues, too

Photo: Cover of Men's Health magazine

Although much has been written about the body image issues faced by women and girls, there is a growing awareness that these issues affect the self-esteem of men and boys as well. UW Health's Paula Cody discusses the trend and how the mass media, perhaps unwittingly, have brought attention to it.


Grad student wins award from medical institute

Photo: Yei Hwan Jung

Yei Hwan Jung has been named an International Student Research Fellow by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. With collaborators, Jung developed a UV light-emitting bandage that speeds healing and was part of a group that created biodegradable microchips printed on cellulose from wood.

Edlefson to retire from Child Care and Family Resources

Photo: Lynn Edlefson

Lynn Edlefson, director of UW-Madison's Office of Child Care and Family Resources, is leaving her post this week and retiring from the university in October. Edlefson initiated multiple new services, including infant care and the implementation of a campus master plan for child care expansion.

In the Media

PBS asks UW: Are we alone in the universe?

Photo: Finger pointing at UFO in photo

The PBS Digital series "The Good Stuff" takes an amusing yet illuminating look at whether extraterrestrial life exists — and if so, whether it has visited us. Hear UW geologist Clark Johnson rate the likelihood, and come along on a road trip to "UFO Headquarters" to investigate those mysterious lights in the sky.


Stretch with the sun in new RecSports class

Photo: Outdoor yoga class

Sunrise Outdoor Yoga, a new offering from RecSports, has proven so popular that two more sessions have been added, beginning Aug. 11 and Aug. 13. The four-week class meets at 7 a.m. in beautiful Allen Centennial Gardens. It costs $5 and is open to beginners and experts alike.

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