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The Waisman Center at 45

What would the late Harry Waisman, trailblazer in the scientific study and treatment of developmental disabilities, think of the accomplishments of the center that bears his name? These 10 examples suggest that the work going on today, such as the infant learning studies conducted by Psychology professor Jenny Saffran (pictured), would astonish and amaze him. The center recently received a $6 million federal award to fund its core activities through its 50th year in 2016.

Top Stories

Ward invites ideas on Educational Innovation

Photo: David Ward

Educational Innovation is a campuswide, coordinated effort to create a sustained campus environment that maintains and enhances student learning while increasing capacities and generating new revenue. Aaron Brower, Jeff Russell and Maury Cotter are coordinating the effort.

Cool Science Images Contest invites entries

Got a great science-related photo? The Why Files 2012 Cool Science Images Contest is soliciting interesting, beautiful and meaningful science and science-related images from the university community.

Around Campus

Volunteer with Archives, help preserve campus history

Do you love campus? Do you love history? The UW-Madison Archives welcomes volunteers to assist with a variety of campus history-related projects including conducting and processing interviews for the Oral History Program.

Campus Founders’ Day celebrates a shared history

Photo: Gwen Drury

When Gwen Drury started researching the expansive, 100-year history of the Wisconsin Idea, she was impressed by the rich stories of how it manifested itself. She'll share her expertise as the featured speaker at the Wisconsin Alumni Association’s Campus Founders’ Day on Monday, Feb. 6

UW reaches 3,000 total Peace Corps volunteers produced

In addition to the milestone of 3,000 total volunteers, UW also ranks third among large universities nationwide in the number of alumni currently serving in the Peace Corps, up from eighth last year.

Inside Info

Emeritus faculty and staff teach CALS history class

Photo: CALS history

A group of emeritus faculty and staff aim to educate campus on the history of CALS through a new class called "Groundbreaking Research in The Life Sciences At the UW: Past And Present."


Career fair goes high-tech

Several UW career services offices have updated the traditional career fair model to incorporate mobile technology such as QR codes and social media in Tuesday's Spring Career and Internship Fair. If you know of similar examples of innovative social media or mobile uses, email


Ackerman named to Graduate School physical sciences post

Photo: Ackerman

Steve Ackerman, a professor of atmospheric and oceanic sciences, has been named interim associate dean for the physical sciences in the Graduate School. Ackerman takes over the role held most recently by Wendy Crone, who was named the school's associate dean for Graduate Education.

South Korean president honors engineering professor

Photo: Park

Engineering professor Jae "Jim" Park has received the Order of Service Merit (red stripes medal) from the president of South Korea for his contributions to the Four Major Rivers Restoration Project, a multi-billion-dollar river restoration project in that country.

In Memoriam

College Library’s Sharon Drugan dies at 52

Photo: Sharon Drugan

Staff members at College Library are mourning the loss of Sharon Drugan, 52, a library services assistant. Drugan, who had been battling cancer for more than three years, passed away earlier this month.

In the Media

Suomi satellite produces new ‘Blue Marble’ image of Earth

MSNBC's PhotoBlog showcases a stunning new "Blue Marble" image of Earth. The image originates from NASA's Suomi NPP, the most recently launched Earth-observing satellite. It was recently renamed for Verner E. Suomi, the late UW professor who became known as the father of satellite meteorology.


Small crowds, big heart for lower-visibility sports

While Badger football, basketball and hockey tend to dominate the headlines, hundreds of student-athletes put major effort into lower-visibility sports such as swimming, wrestling, track and tennis. Which is your favorite? Also, congrats to Emily Luker of Housing for winning a UW mug for her comments about her favorite parts of the Spring Semester.

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