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Hot, hot, hot

There’s hot and then there’s H-O-T. For some, the recent heat wave had people scrambling for the comforts of air conditioning. But for many workers on campus, like gardener Patty Radle (pictured), beating the heat is all in a day’s work. The work of the university can't stop just because it hits 100 degrees.  

Top Stories

UW scientists play key role in discovery of new particle consistent with Higgs boson

Experiments at the Large Hadron Collider, aided by UW scientists Sau Lan Wu and Wesley Smith, have narrowed the search for the elusive Higgs boson, discovering a new particle consistent with predictions.

New dean named for School of Human Ecology

Soyeon Shim, a professor and director at the University of Arizona in Tucson, has been selected as the new dean of the School of Human Ecology. She has expertise in consumer decision-making, behavioral and consumer psychology, consumer financial behavior and global retailing.

Dejope Residence Hall to welcome students this fall

“Dejope,” a word that the Ho-Chunk and other American Indians have used for the Madison area for thousands of years, will be the name of the university's new lakeshore residence hall.

BioForward Monthly Madison Breakfast

July 11 – Hear from a panel of Wisconsin industry veterans as they share their experiences getting a bioscience business off the ground and various pitfalls they’ve encountered.

Around Campus

Brock’s odyssey from biology to biological restoration

Tom and Kathie Brock are committed restorationists whose deep roots at UW-Madison are matched only by their commitment to the 140-acre Pleasant Valley Conservancy near Black Earth.

Shelter cats benefit from vet’s care

Karen Moriello, a clinical professor at the School of Veterinary Medicine, has earned a devoted following among people who care for cats in animal shelters. Moriello focuses on ringworm, one of the worst scourges of cats in animal shelters.

Badgers go digging in Israeli desert

Five students and one recent graduate are spending five weeks in Israel’s Negev desert as part of an archaeological dig at Khirbet Summeily this summer. The group is working under the direction of Jeff Blakely, an adjunct professor in the Department of Hebrew & Semitic Studies.

Summer (music) in the city

Summer always brings flocks of visitors to campus. Each year, many participatory musical events have added a particularly tuneful note to all that campus has to offer, showcasing connections between the university and the wider world.

Inside Info

Forget the grass — water your trees!

The lack of rain coupled with heat and high winds is causing significant stress to our trees, especially those planted in the last two to three years, which have smaller root systems than established trees. Water stress can cause root dieback and invite insects and disease, according to UW Extension-Dane County.  


Cycling apps track distance, speed

Just in time for the Tour de France, DoIT has pulled together a list of smartphone apps that can help cyclists track distance, heart rate, cycling speed, elevation and time. (As a bonus, many of them work for runners, too).


Catch “The Mousetrap” by University Theatre

Murder, mystery, intrigue -- "The Mousetrap" has it all. The legendary Agatha Christie play, which has been running continuously in London for 60 years, comes to the University Theatre this week.


What are you looking at? School of Ed steps

No one was able to correctly guess last week's image, which pictured dappled sunlight falling on the corner of a series of cement steps in front of the Education Building. Ben Vondra of FP & M came fairly close, identifying that they were steps. He wins a UW mug.

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