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Understanding ‘Hamilton’

Photo: Hamilton company

If you're into "Hamilton" — really into "Hamilton" — now is your chance to take a deep dive into the making of the hip-hop musical, the historical events it portrays, and its effect on American theatre. Continuing Studies and the Department of Theatre and Drama are offering a summer course that is open for noncredit registrations through Saturday. “I can’t imagine it would be anything other than fascinating,” says one enrollee.

Top Stories

Regents approve UW budget that shifts funds

Photo: Rebecca Blank at 2016 board of regents meeting

The Board of Regents has approved a shift to other UW System schools of a portion of returned lapse funding that would traditionally go to UW-Madison. Chancellor Rebecca Blank raised concerns about the size of the reduction prior to the vote. Related: Freedom of speech resolution and more Regents news.

UW-Madison rated among the best college values

Photo: Students engaging in classroom discussion

Money Magazine has ranked UW–Madison 45th overall in its annual listing of Best Colleges for Your Money, up from 63rd last year. Graduation rates, time to degree, affordability, student loans and alumni salaries are among the metrics.

Lori Berquam update: 3 down, 3 to go

Photo: Lori Berquam

Dean of Students Lori Berquam is thanking the campus community for its support at the halfway point in her chemotherapy treatments for breast cancer. "Cancer shows no mercy," she says, "but it has shown me how lucky I am in life, to be supported and surrounded by gracious and caring people like you."

Around Campus

Nasty plants turn caterpillars into cannibals

Photo: Caterpillar on tomato vine

Score one for the plants: UW researchers have found that a tomato plant can make itself taste so horrible that an otherwise herbivorous caterpillar, which would typically munch on its leaves, might eat another caterpillar instead. (Includes — eww! — video.)

Judgmental algorithms can be biased against you

Graphic: Head made up of computer circuits

If you’ve ever applied for a loan or checked your credit score, algorithms have played a role in your life. These mathematical models allow computers to predict many things. Yet while some may assume that computers remove human bias from decision-making, research has shown the opposite.

Outside UW

Students apply philosophy to everyday life

Photo: Student reading "The Lorax" to children

Madison Public Philosophy is a new group of UW–Madison students that takes philosophy out of the classroom and into the community. “We believe that no matter what you’re doing, philosophy can help you do it better,” says Aaron Yarmel, the group’s co-founder.

Campus Initiatives

Track your career performance soon in MyUW

Graphic: "W" crest

Many staff will soon have the ability to quickly access their performance reviews via MyUW. The Performance Management and Development Program will give employees 24/7 access to an electronic performance review history, which can help with their career development goals.


Sperling feted for advancing women in legal field

Photo: Carrie Sperling

Professor and Associate Dean Carrie Sperling has received the 2017 Women in the Law award, presented by the Wisconsin Law Journal. The award is given annually to women lawyers who have achieved excellence in their careers and who have influenced other women to pursue legal careers.

Kelly to lead landscape architects group

Photo: Shawn Kelly

Shawn T. Kelly has been chosen president-elect of the American Society of Landscape Architects. Kelly, who has a landscape architecture business in Williams Bay, has taught here for 21 years. He created and manages the UW-Madison Center for Sustainable Design.

Sibert wins national chemistry honor

Photo: Ned Sibert

Chemistry Professor Ned Sibert is one of 65 newly selected American Chemical Society fellows. Sibert is an expert in theoretical chemistry, which — unlike experimental chemistry — uses math and computational tools to study and make predictions about chemical systems and their properties.

In Memoriam

Keely was prolific cancer researcher

Photo: Patti Keely

Patti Keely, a nationally recognized breast cancer researcher in the School of Medicine and Public Health, died June 24 after a battle with advanced pancreatic cancer. Keely chaired the Department of Cell and Regenerative Biology.

Lewis brought environmental concepts to planning

Photo: Phil Lewis

Phil Lewis, former chair of the Department of Landscape Architecture, died July 2. Founder of the Environmental Awareness Center in CALS, Lewis advanced the practice of identifying environmental corridors to help guide public planning decisions.

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