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Going out green

Photo: Unmarked grave in field

When professor emeritus of urban and regional planning Jerry Kaufman's family was selecting his final resting place, they knew which one they didn’t want: the cemetery behind the strip mall. Fittingly, when Kaufman died, he was interred in the Natural Path Sanctuary near Verona. Burial sites there are incorporated into a 25-acre nature preserve located near a training center for beginning farmers. The sanctuary is a place for natural burials—no embalming, no metal or concrete enclosures.

Top Stories

Blank addresses sexual assault, high-risk drinking

Photo: Rebecca Blank

The problem of sexual assault and its connection to high-risk drinking is the topic of Chancellor Rebecca Blank's latest blog post. Blank addresses a question she says is on many parents' and students' minds as they prepare to enter the UW: "Is this place safe?"

Town meets gown to explore Trempealeau mounds

Phot: Trempealeau mounds

Why did migrants from Cahokia, the large mound city near St. Louis, move to the present-day village of Trempealeau in western Wisconsin to build flat-topped mounds about 1,000 years ago?

Wade into Water

Saturday Science on Aug. 2 explores the many roles water plays in our lives. Learn why water is essential to life, investigate limnology, observe the water cycle, and more.

Around Campus

Video: Time-Lapse Tuesday views campus from above

Graphic: Time-Lapse Tuesdays

The views from the top of Van Hise Hall are spectacular. If you don't have time to take in the entire panorama, Time-Lapse Tuesday brings you an express-lane version of the campus as seen from its highest spot.

An environmental history of the Babcock Dairy Store

Photo: Stephen Babcock

Most people who visit the Babcock Hall dairy store for the first time come out with a generous serving of ice cream. Bethany Laursen came out with that and something more: an idea for a history of how this icon of cool and sweet ended up on the campus of a major research university.

Campus Initiatives

Last chance to nominate an alum for Forward under 40

Image: W crest in Wisconsin map

Your last chance to nominate an outstanding young Badger grad for the 2015 Forward under 40 awards is July 31. These awards offer great visibility for accomplished young alumni and the departments in which they received their UW education.  

Inside Info

Leisure time could be making your kids anxious

Photo: anxious child

How can having no school, going to bed when they want, and sleeping in be causing kids anxiety? It may seem counterintuitive, but it’s true. If your kids are showing signs of being restless, irritable and maybe even reluctant to go do things, chances are they may be feeling anxious.


‘Charter U’ app now available

Image: Charter U logo

Be one of the first on campus to take advantage of the free Charter U app — now available on Android and iOS devices. It’s a mobile application that allows you to stream 50 TV channels free (if you’re connected to the campus WiFi and using supported devices).


WAA names director of diversity and inclusion

Photo: Tracy Williams-Maclin

Researcher and consultant Tracy Williams-Maclin, a nationally recognized leader in building partnerships across multicultural communities, has been named the new director of diversity and inclusion at the Wisconsin Alumni Association.

UW ranks 4th in public administration research

Photo: Robert La Follette

UW-Madison, home of the La Follette School of Public Affairs, is ranked fourth worldwide for public administration research in a new study published by the Journal of Public Affairs Education. The UW ranked third for quality, fourth for impact and sixth for productivity.


Antique and classic boat tour to stop at campus

Poster: Boat Show

A flotilla of vintage watercraft from the last seven decades will be on tour in Lake Mendota along the Memorial Union shore on Friday, Aug. 1 to benefit the health of Madison’s lakes. The boats will be available for viewing at the Goodspeed Family Pier from noon-1:30 p.m.

AG primary candidates to debate at Law School

Photo: scales of justice

The Law School, and radio station WORT will host a debate between the Democratic primary candidates for Wisconsin attorney general Aug. 5 in the Law Building. The primary election is Aug. 12; the Republican nomination is uncontested.

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