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Ask the experts

Photo: Katherine Cramer Walsh

How can people who don't agree talk calmly about politics? Kathy Cramer (above) suggests, do more listening. Walsh is just one example of the vast number of UW-Madison experts sought out by the media for their take on a wide array of subjects. A dozen of these go-to sources dispense their advice to On Wisconsin Magazine in a sampling of the down-to-earth wisdom available here on everyday subjects ranging from love and money to lawn care and pets. Related: Join the Experts Database!

Top Stories

Blank shares thoughts in new blog

Photo: Rebecca Blank

Chancellor Rebecca Blank is launching a new blog to stay in regular, online communication regarding the issues UW-Madison is facing. "Blank's Slate" will be updated several times a month. View her first post for news about her first week on the job and the challenges ahead.

PEOPLE high school students celebrate

Photo: PEOPLE tutor and student

High school scholars in UW-Madison's PEOPLE program will be feted for their accomplishments Friday. The long-term diversity program is designed to increase the number of college-ready students applying to the state's flagship campus.

Kickin’ It with the K9s

Attend the UW-Madison Police Department’s fundraiser for its mounted and K9 units on Saturday, Aug. 3. Enjoy K9 demos, food, LIVE music, and a raffle with great prizes!

Around Campus

Corpse flower bloom — and fume — are imminent

Photo: corpse flower plant

Titan Arum, known as the corpse flower for the repulsive smell it gives off, is about to bloom. Best guess is that it will start sometime on Tuesday or Wednesday, with the flower lasting between 24 and 48 hours. The D.C. Smith Greenhouse will be open until 9 p.m. each day while the plant is in bloom.

Athletic department employs new restaurant partner

Football fans at concession stand

The UW has named Learfield Levy Foodservice as its new restaurant partner for Camp Randall, the Kohl Center and other university athletic facilities. The selection was made with a vision for enhancing the fans' gameday experience.

Riding high: Course makes biking accessible

Photo: child riding adapted bike

This summer's Biking for Everyone course is a unique eight-week class created by coordinator of adaptive fitness and personal training Tim Gattenby that's designed to help kids with disabilities learn how to ride. The program is run through the Department of Kinesiology's physical fitness program.

Inside Info

Lim: People work harder in teams

Photo: Noah Lim

Economists typically depict humans as being inherently self-interested. But a study by Noah Lim of the Wisconsin School of Business has found that subjects exerted more effort in team-based contests than when they competed as individuals, and that the fear of letting their teammates down motivated them to work harder.


Med school mentor, 83, enjoys the journey

Photo: Don Schalch riding bicycle

Although Don Schalch retired in 1999, he still rides his bicycle 12 miles round trip to work at the School of Medicine and Public Health every day as a part-time faculty member — at age 83. In all, Schalch has been a mentor for most of his 53 years as a physician.


McBride collects memories, not just memorabilia

Photo: Patrick McBride

Most collectors of sports memorabilia are bystanders — folks who honor history by acquiring artifacts. Patrick McBride’s collection captures firsthand memories. Now, he is in the process of writing a book about his experience with the Milwaukee Bucks as the youngest equipment manager in pro sports.


Ron Raines, Tom Yin, Frank Erdman

Ron Raines has been honored for promoting inter- and multi-disciplinary research between chemistry and the life sciences. Tom Yin is recognized for linking auditory physiology with auditory perception or behavior. And Frank Erdman will supervise the UW Hospital Med Flight program.    

In Memoriam

Emeritus soil science professor Larry Bundy

Photo: Larry Bundy

Larry Bundy, professor emeritus of soil science and a soils extension specialist, died on July 8. Bundy dedicated his career to improving economic returns for Wisconsin farmers and minimizing environmental impacts through nutrient management.

In the Media

Rhythm and Booms debate focuses on environment

Photo: fireworks

Will moving Rhythm and Booms from Warner Park to Lake Monona next year affect the iconic event's impact on the environment? After both sides weigh in, limnology professor Jake Vander Zanden tells the Wisconsin State Journal we're not sure. (Registration may be required.)    

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