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Unparalleled pomp

Photo: Maynard walking from conferment ceremony

Sociology Professor Douglas Maynard has received many honors in his career but until recently, they never came with a sword. Maynard collected an honorary doctorate in May from the University of Helsinki, and learned that the Finns take the recognition of their doctoral and master's students quite seriously. It was a three-day affair with a seaside picnic, a ball, an ecumenical service, and a nocturnal procession, culminating at sunrise. And of course, the presentation of the sword – which signifies the “sharp” quest for knowledge and truth.

Top Stories

Campus, family remember Beau Solomon

Photo: Beau Solomon

Family, friends and the UW-Madison campus community are paying tribute to Beau Solomon, a 19-year-old study abroad student who died in Rome last week. Solomon arrived in Italy last Thursday to study at John Cabot University as part of a summer program based at the liberal arts college.

New startup class ‘graduates’ from D2P

Photo: Stroke survivor of KIINCE machine

A second group of companies formed with assistance from UW–Madison’s Discovery to Product (D2P) has “graduated” from the pro-gram designed to advance innovations based on research done here. The companies are working in such areas as growing brain cells, virtual reality and stroke rehabilitation.

Bacterium blocks Zika transmission by mosquitoes

Photo: mosquito

Researchers in the School of Veterinary Medicine have confirmed that a benign bacterium called Wolbachia pipientis can completely block transmission of Zika virus in the mosquito species responsible for passing the virus to humans. The discovery could aid efforts to stop the spread of Zika.

Could Badger red lead to Olympic gold?

Photo: Cierra Runge

Three UW student athletes will be competing for Team USA at the Rio Summer Olympics: Kelsey Card in the discus, Zach Ziemek in the decathlon and Cierra Runge (pictured) in swimming. "It's been a dream of mine since I was 4 years old," Runge said. "It's a dream come true. I'm so happy."

You don’t see this everyday

It’s time for the Lockdown Conference, Thurs., July 14. Impressive keynote speakers and interesting technical & strategic sessions on cybersecurity. Register.

Around Campus

New Under Armour deal brings out red threads

Photo: Badger fan walking past smoke machine

Badger fans made their way through smoke machines, posed with student athletes and shopped for new gear during the Night of the New Red Threads Under Armour launch party last week. The event marked the beginning of a new $96 million, 10-year apparel partnership between the UW and Under Armour.

Business, education students collaborate

Photo: Rennie's Corner

If a well known but empty space on campus finds a use in the near future, it might be because of a collaboration between the Wisconsin School of Business and the English Department. Business and English students came up with a variety of ideas for “Rennie’s Corner” in the Discovery Building.

Who would DARE carry guts to a bear?

Photo: Standing bear

The Dictionary of American Regional English (DARE), produced at UW-Madison, now provides quarterly updates online. Update 3 emphasizes the letter B with new entries like bean breakingbeetle organ and bendoe. And it answers the burning question, "Are you fit to carry guts to a bear?"

Inside Info

Tips for a happier home life

Photo: Exterior of yellow house

Frequently, we believe home is where we can recover from the stress of the work day, recharge and relax. But that’s not necessarily true. One study found that people’s stress levels actually went down while at work and increased while at home, whether they had kids or not. UW Health offers some tips.


The improbable story of UW-Madison’s twin Ph.D.s

Photo: Twins talking via Skype

The likelihood of a mother giving birth to twins is low. That they’ll both grow up to leave Iran and earn doctorates at UW-Madison this spring seems even more farfetched. Yet Sheida and Shirzad Malekpour consider this statistically unlikely tale their Wisconsin Experience.


Partly cloudy with a chance of exaggeration

Photo: Man listening to radio in the 1920s

Listening to the weather forecast on your radio is so common that you might assume it's always been there. But someone had to think of it first. A historian recently claimed it happened in St. Louis in the 1920s. That sounded fishy to the folks at Wisconsin Public Radio, who tracked down the truth.

In the Media

Moe mulls history, future of Humanities Building

Photo: Exterior of Humanities Building

Reports that the Mosse Humanities Building is on a list of campus buildings that could come down in the coming years caught the attention of Madison Magazine columnist Doug Moe. The UW alum, who had several classes in the building in the 1970s, recalls its admirers and detractors since it was built.

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