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Making a MOOC

Photo: Aldo Leopold

UW–Madison’s first Massive Open Online Courses gave faculty members a chance to explore new ways of teaching, research and outreach. Lessons from the phase-one MOOCs shaped the approach to phase two. This year's six courses, including one on conservation icon Aldo Leopold (above), will reach out to Wisconsin citizens and communities to create learning experiences outside the online space. Campus leaders recently shared insights into what makes a MOOC successful, and how experience has informed their new approach. (Photo: UW Digital Collections)

Top Stories

Bucky is namesake for newly discovered yeast

Photo: Yeast growing in dishes

When you discover a new organism, you get to name it — but not for yourself. When Chris Hittinger and his group of UW-Madison yeast researchers found a rather aggressive yeast, it was natural to name it for the fierce carnivore that is the mascot of his home institution: Bucky Badger.

Portal offers growing menu of flexible and online options

Photo: Christopher Salem

Last month, UW-Madison launched, highlighting 44 graduate programs for working professionals. Since then, the site has had 14,000 visitors, and the university is adding two programs that address Wisconsin’s dynamic workforce needs. Video: Hear Christopher Salem's story.

WARF’s 90 Years: Decade by Decade

The next installment in the decade by decade exploration of WARF’s history focuses on the Close of the Steenbock Patent Debate in 1946.

Graphic: WARF 90th anniversary logo

Around Campus

HAWC could chip away at cosmic ray mystery

Photo: HAWC Observatory

HAWC — a new particle astrophysics observatory high on a sleeping Mexican volcano — is about to blink to life, with the potential to chip away at the mystery of the cosmic rays that constantly bombard our planet. Physics Professor Stefan Westerhoff is leading one of the HAWC teams.  

Drug-Free School and Communities Act notification

Photo: Bascom Hall

In an effort to maintain a safe and healthy work environment for all employees, faculty and staff are strongly encouraged to help make the university a drug-free workplace. Learn about substance abuse, encourage others to avoid it and get help if you need it — either for yourself or others. Please review the UW-Madison Drug-Free Schools & Communities Act policy.

Outside UW

WID, limnologists partner to improve native fish habitat

Photo: Sturgeon crossing sign

Researchers at the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery and the Center for Limnology are teaming up with natural resource agencies. The goal: to change the way resources are allocated and assist in the recovery of native fish in the Great Lakes basin.


‘Tech neck’ can trigger posture problems

Photo: Women looking at a cellphone

When Mom used to instruct you to "sit up straight," she likely had no idea how important that advice would become thanks to our reliance on smartphones and tablets. One study suggests people spend thousands of hours every year in a position that puts several extra pounds of stress on the neck.


Milo, vet school mark transplantation milestone

Photo: Milo the cat

Three-year-old Milo suffered from chronic kidney failure, a leading cause of feline deaths. Her only option for survival was a kidney transplant, which led her to the UW School of Veterinary Medicine. This February, Milo became the program’s longest post-transplantation survivor.

In Memoriam

Djerassi fostered arts and literature at UW–Madison

Photo: Carl Djerassi

Carl Djerassi, a UW alumnus who died in January, is best known for developing the oral contraceptive pill, but he is also well-known in arts circles for his fiction, plays and philanthropic endeavors. His contributions to the English Department’s Creative Writing Program are very significant.

In the Media

Vosters has ‘dream job’ as head of basketball operations

Photo: Bo Ryan and Kat Vosters

You may have seen her on the bench during this year's Badger men's basketball games and wondered, who is she and what is she doing? Well, Kat Vosters is who she is, and having her dream job is what she's doing. has a profile of the UW program's director of basketball operations.

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