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Science and art, naturally

Photo: Peter Krsko drawing on chalkboard

The class Zoethica: Bioinspired Art and Science is part of Peter Krsko’s semester-long commitment to UW–Madison as the Arts Institute’s spring Interdisciplinary Artist in Residence. Krsko chose the name Zoethica, a combination of the Greek word for life (zoe) and the word ethical, because his goal during his residency is “to explore bioinspired art and technology, not only from the aesthetic and scientific point of view, but also to explore the ethical implications.” See Krsko engage students in the process, and watch as he wraps a pillar in Birge Hall.

Top Stories

WARF honors 10 with named professorships

Photo: T.L. Solien teaching art student

Ten faculty members have been appointed to WARF named professorships. The awards, made possible by the licensing of technology from UW research, honor faculty who have made major contributions to the advancement of knowledge, primarily through their research but also through teaching and service.

Faculty and staff work on sensitivity to racial issues

Photo: Student in Real UW displaying sign

A workshop created by the Collaborative for Advancing Learning and Teaching is raising faculty and staff awareness of issues faced by marginalized students. It aims to teach edu-cators how to address these problems in the classroom and normalize the conversations on campus about race, power and inclusion.

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Around Campus

Arboretum adjusts to signs of spring

Photo: Deer in Arboretum

Many of us have been taking advantage of record-setting temperatures to bike, run and lounge outside. It’s clear that we humans are changing our behavior with the warm winter, but is the natural world also anticipating an early spring? According to naturalists at the Arboretum, the answer is yes — to a degree.

Hate green? Wait awhile.

Photo: Karen Schloss

Speaking of seasons, new research by Wisconsin Institute for Discovery psychologist Karen Schloss suggests that our favorite colors may depend on the time of year — with warm, dark colors preferred in the fall. Schloss says the same hue might bring to mind pleasant or unpleasant things, depending on timing.

Shining a light on trailblazing women

Photo: Nancy Armstrong

Alumna Nancy Armstrong helped launch MAKERS, a multimedia platform that includes the first documentary of the modern American women’s movement and the largest collection of women’s stories ever assembled. In this Q&A, Armstrong discusses her goal of inspiring women to achieve their potential.

Granato nearing graduation goal

Photo: Tony Granato with young fan

Former Badger men's hockey star and current head coach Tony Granato always wanted to graduate from UW–Madison. But life as a world-class hockey professional got in the way. Just 16 credits shy of his goal, Granato paused on his journey to a degree. Now, 30 years later, his job requires that he finish it.

Outside UW

Ag education resuming in surprising setting

Photo: Milwaukee high school students with goats

New life is being breathed into Milwaukee Vincent High School's original agricultural mission, due partly to a grant obtained by UW–Madison to develop an ag curriculum. This, and four new teachers and a principal dedicated to the school’s agricultural roots, are starting to turn things around.  

Science of Successful Aging Summit

Join world-renowned scientists April 18-19 to discuss the latest research on the aging brain and dementia and gain ideas to expand your own research.


Secure your Internet of Things devices

Photo: Man using camera

The burgeoning Internet of Things last year gave rise to a significant threat to Internet security via cameras, printers, routers, set top TV boxes, and DVRs. DoIT says owners of consumer IoT devices should use strong passwords, keep the devices updated, and report suspicious incidents.

In the Media

Q&A: Orrantia discusses racial climate challenges

Photo: Leslie Orrantia

Madison365 interviews Director of Community Relations Leslie Orrantia about which stumbling blocks are keeping Madison from turning the corner regarding racial disparities, whether there is a black-Latin@ divide, and what UW-Madison is doing to improve the racial climate on campus.

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