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Commencement 2016

Photo: Graduate wearing red mittens

Commencement day dawned with a brisk wind through Camp Randall Stadium. More than a few mittens accompanied the caps and gowns. And then it started snowing during former Badger quarterback Russell Wilson’s speech. But most of the proud families and friends in the stands – 47,521 in all  – stayed put, warmed by the excitement of graduation (and, yes, extra blankets). Related: Wilson videochancellor's remarksphoto gallery

Top Stories

Regeneration pioneer to join Morgridge, UW

Photo: Phil Newmark

Phil Newmark, a developmental biologist studying the mysteries of how the body regenerates damaged tissue, will join the Morgridge Institute for Research and the Department of Zoology. Newmark is currently a professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Snapshot Wisconsin to document state’s wildlife

Photo: Pair of wolves

With the help of trail cameras, satellites and a crowd-sourced database, Wisconsin’s wildlife will soon have its prime time moment. Today marks the start of Snapshot Wisconsin, an unprecedented effort to capture in space and time any wild animal that lumbers, hops, lopes or slithers across the Badger state.

Third Thursdays on the Pyle Center Rooftop Terrace

This Thursday, May 19, from 4-7 p.m., join us for complimentary appetizers and live music on The Pyle Center’s Lakeside Rooftop Terrace.

Around Campus

Simons Observatory will seek signs of early universe

Photo: Artist's rendering of the Big Bang

In an effort to probe the first few moments of time after the Big Bang some 13.8 billion years ago, a consortium of researchers, including scientists from the UW, is planning a new observatory in a Chilean desert. “We’re explor-ing the edge of the observable universe,” explains UW physicist Kam Arnold.

Medical schools partner on Alzheimer’s study

Photo: elderly couple walking with canes

The School of Medicine and Public Health will collaborate with the Medical College of Wisconsin on a new study of Alzheimer’s disease. Its goal is to develop technology to accurately stage the disease as it progresses. Significant brain damage is already present by the time clinical symptoms appear.

Outside UW

Enhancing a community’s sense of place

Photo: Aerial view of UW campus

What gives a community its unique identity, sense of place and vitality? For years, experts have studied what goes into good community design. UW-Extension's Steve Grabow and his colleagues, who work directly with local officials and citizens, recognized the need for a user-friendly guide.

Campus Initiatives

Learning community for online course design

Illustration: Computer screen with mortarboard

If you are designing or redesigning a fully online course, consider participating in a learning community to explore research-based best practices. Learn more at a special post Teaching and Learning Symposium event: Teaching Online at UW-Madison: Resources & Reflections, May 19.


Viral video responds to offensive Facebook post

Photo: Girl holding doll

Katie Nachman’s happy girls provided a potent counterpoint to a racially charged Facebook post showing a white woman laughing at her crying children who had just been given black American Girl dolls. Nachman's video response, demonstrating the effects of positive parenting, quickly reached 3 million views.


Legendary bassist, educator Richard Davis retires

Photo: Richard Davis

Music faculty member and accomplished bassist Richard Davis retires this spring from UW-Madison. When Davis joined the School of Music, he had already established himself as one of the leading bass players in the jazz and classical fields. His impact on music students here was profound.

In the Media

Morris keeps Badger budget on track

Photo: Mario Morris

The Cap Times quizzes Mario Morris, the UW's associate athletic director for business operations. "Like others in the University of Wisconsin athletic department, Mario Morris oversees a team. Morris' group, however, is more interested in avoiding red ink than wearing red uniforms."  


Inside UW taking a break

Illustration: Screen shot of Inside UW

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