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Buckys to be

Photo: Student trying out to be Bucky Badger

Each spring, a small group of students vies for the chance to become the most visible member of the UW’s Spirit Squad: Bucky Badger. This year, 14 tried out for the role of the university’s beloved mascot. A three-night audition put their creativity, strength and humor to the test. In the end, four new Buckys made the cut, joining three veterans who will return for another year of pushups, polka dancing and bringing joy to Wisconsin fans. View slideshow

Top Stories

Parking, bus rate increases set for 2017-18

Photo: Car exiting parking garage

Transportation Services has announced its rate structures for next year, raising the current $24 employee bus pass fee to $36 and also raising parking rates. The changes are being implemented for the 2017-18 parking year, which runs Sept. 1, 2017 to Aug. 31, 2018.

BCC opening honors black culture on campus

The university’s Black Cultural Center marked its grand opening with a full day of events on Wednesday. The center, located in the Red Gym, includes a lounge, collaborative work areas, computer work stations and space to showcase art. A visual timeline honors the contributions of black students to the UW.

Tackle the taboo of
bowel leakage

20% of women over 40 experience accidental bowel leakage. Join UW Ob-Gyn’s Dr. Heidi Brown for a free talk on ABL causes and solutions. Wed., May 10, 6 pm.

Around Campus

Chancellor honors impressive students

Photo: Rebecca Blank

The accomplishments of more than 150 stu-dents were highlighted by Chancellor Rebecca Blank Monday at the annual Chancellor’s Undergraduate Awards Ceremony. Many of the awards provide funds for research projects. Others recognize impressive academic achievement or community service.

Arts Institute gives 2017 Awards in the Creative Arts

Graphic: UW crest

Each spring, the UW-Madison Arts Institute recognizes achievements and professional service along with supporting future creative endeavors and research. The Awards in the Creative Arts recipients will be honored on May 9. The institute offered nine awards this year, amounting to approximately $86,000.

Remembering students who died in 2016-17

UW banner

On May 5, UW-Madison will honor students who passed away during the summer and this academic year during a memorial performance at 1 p.m. at the Muir Knoll Storyteller’s Circle on Observatory Drive. Read about their lives and accomplishments.

Outside UW

UW helps Madison schools personalize courses

Graphic: Personalized Pathways logo

UW-Madison is signing on as one of the anchor partners in the Madison School District’s Personalized Pathways program. Students will learn the skills they need for success after high school in a way that connects their coursework to their personal interests and the world around them.


Beware of Google Docs email scam

Graphic: @ symbol on fish hook

On Wednesday, a well-crafted phishing scam started appearing in UW-Madison inboxes, and elsewhere on the internet. The phish appears to be an invitation to view a Google Doc, but it's fake and you should avoid clicking on it. DoIT has tips on how to spot it and what to do.


Kaufman honored for eye research

Photo: Paul Kaufman

ARVO, the largest and most respected eye and vision research organization in the world, is honoring UW ophthalmologist Paul Kaufman with the 2017 Friedenwald Award. Much of the medical world's understanding of the aqueous humor outflow system in the eye has been the direct result of Kaufman's work.


‘Dizzyland’ Leon Varjian exhibit opens Saturday

Photo: Leon Varjian with plastic flamingo on Bascom Hill

An exhibition honoring the late Pail & Shovel prankster Leon Varjian’s legacy as the “Clown Prince of Madison” will open at the Memorial Union May 6. It will include personal documents, posters and other memorabilia from Varjian’s mirthful time at UW-Madison.


Plan ahead to submit news to Inside UW

Image: Recent issue of Inside UW

Inside UW-Madison will be on its summer break schedule soon. The last issue of the semester will be May 18, and the next issue will be June 6. If you have a news item to submit for consideration, please send it at least one week before you want it to run.

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