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Bucky’s Classroom

Photo: Child rubbing Lincoln statue's shoe

Seven schools from around the state participated this academic year in the “Bucky’s Classroom” program, which sent UW student ambassadors into middle schools to lead monthly classroom activities. The final month, all 300 or so students will come here for tours. “At first, a lot of the kids, when you’d talk about college readiness, said they wanted to be basketball players,” says one of the ambassadors. “It was interesting to try to reframe that and to get them to think about more practical aspects of college.”

Top Stories

Video: 2 alumni win Entrepreneurial Achievement Awards

Photo: Sconnie T-shirt on mannequin

UW-Madison’s annual Entrepreneurial Achievement Awards go to two alumni for their success and commitment to encouraging the next generation of entrepreneurs. One of them is a Silicon Valley philanthropist; the other, co-founder of a business accelerator. And they both got started selling T-shirts.

Cave yields yet more fossils of our newfound relative

Photo: Skull of homo naledi

Probing deeper into the South African cave system that last year yielded the largest cache of hominin fossils known to science, an inter-national team of researchers has discovered another chamber with more remains — including a nearly-intact skull — of a newfound relative of humans, Homo naledi.

Tackle the taboo of bowel leakage

20% of women over 40 experience accidental bowel leakage. Join UW Ob-Gyn’s Dr. Heidi Brown for a free talk on ABL causes and solutions. Wed., May 10, 6 pm.

Around Campus

Center boosts interprofessional health education

Photo: Nurse examining child

The Center for Interprofessional Practice and Education has launched, founded by the schools of Medicine and Public Health, Nursing, Pharmacy and Veterinary Medicine. Health professions leaders and learners have long discussed the importance of teaching these fields in an interdisciplinary way.

Business students experience real-life scenarios

Photo: Business students gathered around table

Team DivCo. is going over its advertising budget for a cereal product, Hearty Squares. Suddenly, all of their cell phones light up and they get the news that a food preservative may have links to adverse health effects. What will the team do? The decision is just one of many for students enrolled in Marketing 765.

Outside UW

UniverCity Year to move on from Monona

Graphic: Student design for Winnequah Park

UniverCity Year is wrapping up its first year, a collaboration between UW-Madison students and the City of Monona. Classes in a variety of disciplines took on planning projects that the city had wanted to undertake but didn't have the staff. Next year, UniverCity Year will branch out further into Dane County.


It’s a good time to clean your computer

Photo: Dirty computer keyboard

Kind of disgusting how grimy your keyboard and screen can get, isn't it? Don't forget your computer when you're doing the spring cleaning. With a little attention, you can get it looking like new again. But be forewarned: There's a right way, and some very wrong ways. DoIT has the dirt.


Linder wins award for advocating more women in IT

Photo: Meloney Linder

Meloney Linder is one of six winners of the Internet2 Gender Diversity Award. Linder serves as associate dean in the Wisconsin School of Business. The award was established with the aim of getting more women in the information technology field within research and education.

In the Media

Adell pans gambling industry’s pitch to older people

Photo: Sandra Adell

Afro-American Studies Professor Sandra Adell is featured in a New York Times article about how casinos entice older people to risk everything. Adell, who wrote a book called "Confessions of a Slot Machine Queen," says what the gambling industry is doing is "morally reprehensible."


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