Request for Proposals: Robert F. and Jean E. Holtz Center for Science & Technology Studies

The Robert F. and Jean E. Holtz Center for Science and Technology Studies is accepting proposals from UW-Madison faculty for its Outreach Fellowship program for 2012-13.  We seek applicants who will develop an initiative in the service of the Center’s outreach mission.  The fellowship provides the successful faculty member with $5,000 in flexible funds.

The Holtz Center aims to foster greater understanding of the intersection between science and technology, and society and culture.  Among the Center’s foundational aims is promoting discussion about the science-society nexus in venues reaching beyond the boundaries of the university.  We offer this fellowship to a faculty member who proposes an innovative way to engage members of the broader community in discussion and contemplation about matters of science and technology with broad social and political importance.  We are open to any possible program—from a thematic blog, to a series of panel discussions at local libraries, to a theatrical performance, and so on.  The financial award can be used for direct support of the proposed outreach activity.  Remaining money may be used by the fellow on a flexible basis.

Applications should include:  (1) a CV;  (2) a two page single-spaced description of the proposed outreach activity describing the issues that the activity addresses and the audience it aims to reach as specifically as possible.  If the proposed initiative is place-based, the place(s) where the program will be undertaken should be specified.  The rough time (e.g. spring 2013) at which the proposed program will be undertaken should also be indicated; (3) a preliminary budget, if relevant.  If funds from other sources will be used to support the proposed initiative, these should be specified; (4) if the proposed activity requires cooperation with other individuals or organizations, evidence of agreement to collaborate should be provided.

The deadline for receipt of proposals is  February 15, 2012.  Applicants are encouraged to visit the Holtz Center’s website at for information about the field of science and technology studies, and about the Center’s mission.  Applications and questions should be directed to Assistant Director Lyn Macgregor at