Faculty Development and Research Service Grants

Grants for two programs benefiting UW-Madison faculty have been recently awarded.

Research Service Grant Program

This program was initiated to recognize the service contributions that untenured faculty members, especially women and members of minority groups, are asked to make to the University. Such service promotes the University’s interest in having a broad range of perspectives represented on important committees. It also helps increase the involvement of non-tenured faculty in University governance.

To take account of the consequences of substantial commitments to University service, the University created the Research-Service Grant Program. Under this program, assistant professors and instructors who are in the first five years of tenure-track service at UW-Madison are eligible for summer salary (2/9ths of the academic year salary or equivalent) to pursue worthy research projects.

Three 2013 Research-Service Grants have been approved for funding. The recipients are Sumona Saha, School of Medicine and Public Health, Department of Medicine; Ellen Samuels, College of Letters and Science, Department of Gender and Women’s Studies and Department of English; and Karma Chavez, College of Letters and Science, Department of Communication Arts.

Faculty Professional Development Grant Program

The faculty development program is dedicated to the maintenance of academic excellence in the University of Wisconsin System.  In keeping with the conditions and intent of the legislation that supports this program, “the purpose of this comprehensive program is to increase the flexibility and effective use of existing faculty personnel in the University of Wisconsin System,” UW System funds are provided to support retraining, renewal and faculty development.

Three 2013-14 Faculty Professional Development Grants have been approved for funding.  The recipients are Patricia Loew, College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, Department of Life Sciences Communication; Melanie Manion, College of Letters and Science, Department of Political Science and Anne McClintock, College of Letters and Science, Department of English.