WARF professorships, Vilas Distinguished Achievement Professorships, Vilas Associates announced

The Graduate School has announced the winners of Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation named professorships, Vilas Professorships and Vilas Associates.

The eight faculty members appointed to WARF named chairs, which include $75,000 in research support from WARF over five years, are:

— Patricia Devine, Kenneth and Mamie Clark Professor of Psychology, who explores prejudice and the internal and external challenges to and motivation for responding to others without prejudice.

— Ian D. Duncan, Sir William Lee Weipers Professor of Veterinary Medicine, who studies the development of myelin — which coats parts of nerve cells and is essential to nerve signaling — and the way nervous system disorders disrupt myelin.

— Chang-Beom Eom, Theodore H. Geballe Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, who works on the structures of thin-film materials required for many new electronic and optical devices.

— Mark Hill, Gene M. Amdahl Professor of Computer Sciences, who improves multiprocessor servers that form the computational infrastructure for Internet web servers, databases and other demanding applications.

— Colin Jefcoate, Helmut Beinert Professor of Biochemistry, who identifies the molecular mechanisms exploited by toxic agents such as dioxin to disrupt cellular signaling conducted by hormones and other proteins.

— Jesse Lee Kercheval, Zona Gale Professor of English, who writes poetry, fiction, memoir and creative nonfiction in English and Spanish, with interests in translation and Uruguayan poetry.

— R. Anderson Sutton, Robert L. Clodius Professor of Music, who has devoted much of his research time to recent musical developments in South Korea, and is currently working on a book whose focus is “new music” in East and Southeast Asia.

— Barbara (Bobbi) Wolfe, Richard A. Easterlin Professor in the La Follette School of Public Affairs, who studies the role of income and income inequality on health — including public policy’s effects and the role of economic status in childhood development.

The Newly-Appointed Vilas Distinguished Achievement Professors 2012-13 are:

–Michael Bell – Vilas Distinguished Achievement Professor, Community and Environmental Sociology, College of Agricultural and Life Sciences

Cynthia Carlsson – Vilas Distinguished Achievement Professor, Geriatrics, School of Medicine & Public Health

–Lew Friedland – Vilas Distinguished Achievement Professor, Journalism and Mass Communication, College of Letters and Science

–Hongrui Jiang – Vilas Distinguished Achievement Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, College of Engineering

–Clark Johnson – Vilas Distinguished Achievement Professor, Geoscience, College of Letters and Science

–Jack Ma, Vilas Distinguished Achievement Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, College of Engineering

Lastly, the 2013 Vilas Associates are listed below.

— Elaine Alarid, associate professor of oncology

— Suman Banerjee, associate professor of computer sciences

— Jeri Barak-Cunningham, associate professor of plant pathology

— Elizabeth Bearden, associate professor of English

— Jeffrey Beneker, associate professor of classics

— Qiang Chang, associate professor of medical genetics

— Moo Chung, associate professor of biostatistics & medical informatics

— Ellen Damschen, associate professor of zoology

— Sridhara Dasu, associate professor of physics

— Felix Elwert, associate professor of sociology

— Christine Garlough, associate professor of gender and women’s studies

— Guy Groblewski, associate professor of nutritional sciences

— Hongrui Jiang, professor and Vilas Distinguished Achievement Professor of electrical and computer engineering

— Charles Kalish, associate professor of educational psychology

— Frank Keutsch, associate professor of chemistry

— Neil Kodesh, associate professor of history

— Gary Lupyan, associate professor of psychology

— Zhenqiang (Jack) Ma, professor and Vilas Distinguished Achievement professor of electrical and computer engineering

— Christos Maravelias, associate professor of chemical and biological engineering

— Nancy Rose Marshall, associate professor of art history

— Katherine McMahon, associate professor of civil and environmental engineering

— Mario Ortiz Robles, associate professor of English

— Lauren Papp, associate professor of human development and family studies

— Lones Smith, associate professor of economics

— Paul Voyles, associate professor of materials science and engineering

— Douglas Weibel, associate professor of biochemistry

— Yongming Zhou, professor of anthropology