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Work in progress

Photo: Researcher at microscope viewing stem cells

A field long on promise and short on healing was energized on Oct. 15 when The Lancet reported on the transplant of retinal cells into 18 people who were blind because cells had died in the center of the retina. The study focused on safety, but the hints that the transplant worked fed a desperate hunger for progress on stem cells — the long-awaited “spare parts” that may someday revolutionize medicine. So, how much progress are we making in stem cells, in the clinic and the laboratory? The Why Files sorts it out.

Top Stories

Morgridges give $100 million to invest in faculty

Photo: John & Tashia Morgridge

UW-Madison has received a gift of $100 million from John and Tashia Morgridge — the largest single contribution from individual donors in the history of the institution. The gift will inspire and match donations for new and enhanced professorships, chairs and distinguished chairs.

Photos: Gordon record caps magical day

Photo: Cheerleader running with W banner

With Nebraska in town, no one thought Saturday's Badger game would be dull. But it's unlikely that any of the 80,539 attending expected to see such an incredible show, mixing a record, a win, a gift and a night-lit snowfall. Photographer Jeff Miller recorded the amazing day in pictures.

Wisconsin Entrepreneurship Showcase

Featured speakers and 20+ local entrepreneurs are a part evening examining customer-focused entrepreneurship. Wed. Nov 19. Gordon Event Center.

Around Campus

Julie Underwood returning to School of Education faculty

Photo: Julie Underwood

After nearly a decade leading the School of Education, Julie Underwood is stepping aside as dean in August 2015 to return to the faculty. Underwood has been dean since August 2005, with a short break in those duties from January to July 2009 when she served as interim provost.

UW-Madison a national leader in study abroad

Photo: Study abroad students in Freiburg

UW-Madison ranks ninth among U.S. universities and colleges in the number of students who studied abroad in 2012-13, with 2,157 students earning academic credit outside the country. This marks the eighth year in a row that the university has been in the top 10.

Professor touts massively popular online course

Photo: laptop computer

The debate about MOOCs is ubiq­ui­tous, yet many edu­ca­tors are unsure about the new tech­nol­ogy and how it fits within learning tra­di­tions. On Friday, DCS, DoIT and Educational Innovation hosted a day of dis­cus­sion about the cre­ation of MOOCs and the result­ing online com­mu­ni­ties.

Outside UW

Searching a Nigerian forest for health answers

Sagan Friant, a doctoral student in environment and resources, conducts primate research in Nigeria focused on human susceptibility to disease. Her research could provide a glimpse into how different life stages and vulnerable groups respond to new health threats.

Inside Info

A parent’s guide to the measles

Photo: Child with measles

While it has become rare, nearly 600 people in the United States have become infected with measles this year. The physicians who have cared for children with measles tell passionate stories about this preventable disease. UW Health's Hilary Stempel lays out the facts.


Young inducted into clinical pathology hall of fame

Photo: Karen Young

Karen Young, a UW clinical professor of clinical pathology, was inducted into the Veterinary Clinical Pathology Hall of Fame last month during the ESVCP Congress in Milan, Italy. She was honored for her efforts in the spread of the specialty of clinical pathology in Europe and the world.

Grad program honored for closing science-society gap

Photo: Ron Kalil

The UW's Neuroscience and Public Policy Program was recently honored by the Society for Neuroscience for its work to address the “wide gap” between science and society. Headed by neuroscientist and UW Professor Ron Kalil, the program trains people to be both good scientists and effective advocates.    

In the Media

Blank highlights collaboration with UW-Milwaukee

Rebecca Blank reports on last week's Wisconsin Early Stage Symposium panel discussion, which included Chancellor Rebecca Blank. Emphasizing collaboration — not competition — between UW-Madison and UW-Milwaukee, Blank said the two institutions are “the center of ideas and innovation.”

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