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Active learning

Photo: 'Active learning' at Signe Skott Cooper Hall

The classroom is changing. Massive lecture halls used to mean you could sit quietly in the back, behind rows of fellow students perched above a lecturing professor. But you won’t find any lecture halls in the School of Nursing’s Signe Skott Cooper Hall. For students at the new Active Learning Classroom (ALC), which is equipped with clustered seating and state-of-the-art computing technologies, the learning is — well, active. “I’m not talking down to students,” says Associate Professor Earlise Ward. “Here, we’re on the same level. I’m not a voice in the crowd.”

Top Stories

Blank’s Slate: Thanking the Morgridges

Photo: Rebecca Blank

Chancellor Rebecca Blank says John and Tashia Morgridge's incredible $100 million gift is a very Wisconsin gesture. It's not about them, she writes in a new blog post; it's about making the UW a better place and inspiring other alums to give back. Related: Send the Morgridges a thank-you.

Crews ask for cooperation in clearing snow

Photo: Snow plow

UW Transportation Services is working with grounds crews to ensure that sidewalks, bus shelters, parking lots, and roads are kept as clear as possible during the winter months. In order to help make these efforts successful, everyone is asked to adhere to parking and Snow Action Day rules.

Science Behind the News

Ever wonder what the science is behind some of today’s news stories? Check out The Why Files for all of your unanswered questions.

Around Campus

Your photos can help WID fellows investigate workspaces

Photo: Michael Collins at desk in his office

What are the boundaries of your workspace? The Wisconsin Institute for Discovery's Kohler Fellows encourage you to share a photo of your workspace — anything from the bus to the kitchen table, office, lab, field or factory. In short, your photos will help them analyze the UW's boundaries and divisions.

Researchers have more duties, less time for science

Photo: Checking time

Today’s land grant faculty are getting significantly more research done in less time. But due to factors like more administrative work, they are finding significantly less time to do it. As a result, the level of public research has remained stable over the past 30 years, according to a newly published UW study.  

Outside UW

Professors, student advising new Kazakhstan university

Photo: Nazarbayev University

The La Follette School's Susan Yackee and student Sam Matteson and Russian history Professor David McDonald got a firsthand look at the building of a public university from scratch during a trip to Kazakhstan. They are advising Nazarbayev University faculty and administrators.

Campus Initiatives

Lavigna answers common questions about HR Design

Photo: Bob Lavigna

If attendance at recent information sessions is any indication, interest in the HR Design project is increasing. Director of Human Resources Bob Lavigna is responding to questions commonly asked at the sessions, and dispels some myths about what HR Design will or will not do.

Inside Info

Cooking a perfect, safe turkey

Photo: Roasted turkey

Perhaps the biggest holiday meal of the year is just around the corner. Thanksgiving brings families together to share a meal that often centers on roast turkey. And to help you prepare, UW-Extension serves up some helpful tips on thawing and roasting your turkey.


Video: Commemorating Kennedy’s Waisman connection

Photo: John F. Kennedy

Fifty-one years ago today, President John F. Kennedy sent a telegram to Harry Waisman congratulating him on the dedication of the Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. Laboratories. Two days later, the president was dead. Marsha Mailick recounts the connection between the Kennedys and what would become the Waisman Center.


O’Guinn honored for brand loyalty research

Marketing professor Thomas O’Guinn has received the Association of Consumer Research’s Long-Term Contribution Award in recognition of his 2001 research that has changed the way brand loyalty is understood. “Brand community,” a term he coined, has become part of the marketing lexicon.

In the Media

Engineer is on a mission: More toilets in the world

Drawing: Floor plan of a latrine

Yesterday was World Toilet Day, and if that got your attention, good. It was a day to raise awareness about the 2.5 billion people with no access to improved sanitation. Norm Doll, an adjunct professor of civil and environmental engineering, wrote about the problem in the Huffington Post.

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