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Double meaning

Photo: Daniel Medina playing trumpet

"When you come to a fork in the road, take it!" baseball legend Yogi Berra purportedly said. Robert Medina took that seemingly impossible advice when he got to UW-Madison. An athlete with a love of jazz, he found he didn't have to choose one; he double-majored in athletic training and music. Either major would have been rigorous enough by itself, but as we learn in this Forward Motion video, Medina discovered how the humanities and health professions complement each another — both on paper, and in practice.

Top Stories

Update on student meningococcal cases

Photo: W crest

University Health Services has contacted and treated all those who’ve been in close contact with the two students who were hospitalized with meningococcal disease. You may encounter students who still have concerns. You're encouraged to share this latest information, including where they can go with questions.

WARF winners take on Zika outbreak, airway obstruction

Photo: Jorge Osorio

A potential vaccine for the Zika virus and a method to monitor the breathing of sedated patients have received this year's WARF Inno-vation Awards. The top teams are led by Jorge Osorio (left) and Guelay Bilen-Rosas. The winners were selected from over 400 invention disclosures submitted in the past year.

Fantasy as Microaggression?: Racial Caricature, Kawaii-style, and the Anthropomorphic Asian

UW Professor Leslie Bow explores racial kitsch as a form of microaggression in this Focus on the Humanities lecture. Wed., Oct. 19, 7 p.m.

Around Campus

UW gets ‘transformational’ system for nanotech research

Photo: Etched nanotech device

Research projects statewide, from electronics to optics and medicine, are set to benefit from a new system coming to UW–Madison that will use electron beam lithography (EBL), a specialized technique for creating extremely fine patterns — in some cases more than 5,000 times narrower than a human hair.

Lisa Martin selected as Graduate School associate dean

Photo: Lisa Martin

Lisa Martin, professor of political science, has been appointed associate dean of the Grad-uate School. Martin came here from Harvard University in 2008. She will guide the delivery of student services and will help develop policies for the recruitment, retention and completion of a diverse graduate student body.

Unassuming Biotron gets help telling its story

Photo: Test tubes in Biotron Lab

Many people pass by the Biotron Laboratory with no idea of the wide variety of research happening inside. Now, thanks to the work of two MBA students, the lab is spreading the word about its role as the country’s premier facility for studying the effects of environmental variation on plants, animals and materials.

Are climate change trends truly ‘terrifying’?

Photo: Galen McKinley

President Obama recently called trends in climate change "terrifying." The Nelson Institute's Galen McKinley agrees, because "human society is built on the assumption of a stable climate." In this Q&A, McKinley explains why the Earth is warming so fast, and whether there is any hope that things will improve.

Outside UW

Sea Grant photography project focuses kids on water

Photo: Boy in water with camera

An underwater photography project designed to engage troubled children in freshwater science is showing such success that the founders are working to expand its reach. “In a New Light: Under the Surface” gets kids outside in wet suits and snorkels with cameras, and into northern Wisconsin lakes and rivers.

Campus Initiatives

Visit ‘Working at UW’ and save money

Looking for discounts available to you as a UW-Madison employee? Go to the On Cam-pus section of Working at UW, the new website designed especially for faculty and staff. And remember to read the companion Working at UW news digest, emailed every Wednesday.

Inside Info

Share the road with farm equipment during harvest

Photo: Wide farm vehicle on road

Fall harvest season is underway throughout the state. It’s a time of the year when motorists and farmers will be sharing roadways more frequently. Cooperative Extension says the combination of slow-traveling farm equipment and faster motor vehicles means the time before the two meet can be seconds.


New faculty focus: Daniel Wright

Photo: Daniel Wright

During his Peace Corps service in Bolivia, Daniel Wright designed and built small-scale water systems for rural farming communities. Now, he hopes to use satellite rainfall data and climate and weather model projections to predict flood risk both in the upper Midwest and in the developing world.

Women’s Health & Health Equity Research Lecture and Symposium

Join us Thurs., Oct. 20 for presentations and a keynote on “new designs in adolescent health” by Melissa Gilliam, University of Chicago.


Ludois named to Midwest Energy News ’40 Under 40′

Photo: Daniel Ludois

Midwest Energy News has placed Daniel Ludois, an assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering and an affiliate of the Wisconsin Energy Institute (WEI), on its “40 Under 40” list, recognizing him as one of the Midwest’s emerging leaders in transitioning our country to a clean energy economy.

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