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‘Neutrino Man’

Photo: Francis Halzen

It's not every day that a physics professor is transformed into a graphic novel superhero. But that's what happened to UW-Madison's Francis Halzen last week in the pages of Smithsonian magazine, which honored him with a 2014 American Ingenuity Award. Halzen, the driving force behind the IceCube neutrino observatory at the South Pole, was dubbed "Neutrino Man" in a comic book-style tribute that nevertheless conveyed the seriousness and significance of his life and momentous work. (Photo: EL PAÍS/Bernardo Pérez) Related: Halzen comments on what the award means to him.   

Top Stories

Malala Fund co-founder to visit campus next week

Photo: Shiza Shahid

Shiza Shahid works alongside Malala Yousafzai — this year’s Go Big Read author — to help millions of girls around the world get access to an education. The UW community will hear from Shahid on Monday, Oct. 27, when she visits campus as the centerpiece for the Go Big Read program.

Thousands of alumni to return for UW Homecoming

Photo: 2013 Homecoming Parade

The game day opponent may be a first-timer, but this year’s UW-Madison Homecoming tradition is 103 years in the making. Thousands of alumni will return this week for the annual Homecoming, when graduates join future alumni and the campus community for a celebration of spirited traditions.  

Global Energy Outlook Summit

Join WEI, international leaders and experts for a day-long event on energy, sustainability, policy and planning challenges facing cities. Register today!

Around Campus

Office 365: How is the transition going?

Photo: Office 365

Over 9,000 UW employees and students — or roughly 12 percent of campus — have transitioned to Office 365 for email and calendar. Employees are moving on a schedule that is set for each department. Related: Department progress; transition preparation

To practice mindfulness, start by counting your breaths

Photo: Mindfulness meditation

It's as simple as breathing in and breathing out. Mindfulness — a focus on the here and now through awareness of the present moment — can be both practiced and, importantly, measured by simply counting your breath, according to new studies led by UW-Madison researchers.

Outside UW

UW engineer partners with Epic on geothermal wells

Photo: Geothermal well pipes

Epic Systems is well known for its campus's fun, distinct features, but fewer people are aware of its commitment to renewable sources of power. UW associate professor James Tinjum is helping install performance-monitoring wells in a field of ground-source heat exchangers on the Epic campus.


UW chemist named Packard Fellow

Photo: Trisha Andrew

Trisha Andrew, a UW assistant professor of chemistry, is one of 18 early career scientists from around the country named a Packard Fellow for Science and Engineering. The award is given in recognition of the potential significance of scholarship and innovation from promising scientists and engineers.

In the Media

Charles Lindbergh’s daughter visits, reminisces

Photo: Reeve Lindberg

Close followers of UW lore know that Charles Lindbergh once studied here before his famous flight across the Atlantic. Last week, the aviator's daughter, Reeve, charmed a campus audience and sat down with the Wisconsin State Journal's Doug Moe to reminisce about her life and family.


BadgerThon A Cappella Showcase Thursday

Illustration: microphone with BadgerThon logo

The BadgerThon A Cappella Showcase will be held Thursday, Oct. 23, from 7:30-9 p.m. at the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery De Luca Forum. Performers will include Fundamentally Sound, Jewop, The Madhatters, Pitches and Notes, Redefined and Tangled up in Blue.


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