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Fruits of cooperation

Photo: Rebecca Blank and Kate VandenBosch standing in cranberries

Aided by decades of research at UW-Madison, Wisconsin has become the international leader in cranberry production. After wading into the harvest at Cranberry Creek Cranberries in Necedah on Tuesday, Chancellor Rebecca Blank and CALS Dean Kate VandenBosch sampled the berries and stressed that close partnerships between growers and university researchers sustain the industry in many ways. Cranberry Creek's owners say the UW is a key partner for farmers — both in developing cultivars and growing cranberries, and in documenting the health benefits of the Badger-red fruit.

Top Stories

UW authors sit down with C-SPAN 2’s ‘Book TV’

Photo: Menzie Chin and Peter Slen

The forecast calls for curling up with a good book. Why not choose one from a UW-Madison author? Nine will be featured in upcoming episodes of C-SPAN 2’s “Book TV.” Host Peter Slen visited campus Monday to talk books, books and more books. “Book TV” was in town for the Wisconsin Book Festival.

Harnessing microbes could help solve problems

Photo: Microbes

Tim Donohue, a bacteriology professor and director of the Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center, joined 17 other scientists from a wide range of disciplines this week to lay out a case for an organized approach to harnessing the power of microbes to tackle many of the world’s most pressing problems.

D2P Workshop

Discovery to Product Pre-Igniter Workshop: A free, one day workshop on November 10 is designed to help you take the first steps to turn an idea into a product or service. Learn More.

Around Campus

What’s better at predicting a hit, statistics or people?

Photo: CDs in a rack

A musician is about to release a new song. Is there a reliable way to predict whether it will be a hit? The entertainment industry tends to rely on human judgment rather than statistical analysis to forecast demand for its products. Business Professor Enno Siemsen has studied how well that works, and what might help.

UW-Madison strives for drug-free workplace

Photo: Drug-free workplace sign

All faculty and staff are strongly encouraged to help make UW-Madison a drug-free workplace. Learn what the laws and expectations are, what some of the most commonly abused substances are, and how you can find help for yourself or others if you encounter a drug or alcohol problem.

Hotline, website allow employees to report waste, fraud

Photo: Telephone receiver

In spring, the UW System launched a hotline and website for students and employees to anonymously report fraud, waste and abuse they encounter at school or work. System is out with a reminder encouraging staff and students to be aware of the online and phone options. Both are available 24-7.

Outside UW

‘Fetch’ makes grocery shopping faster, cheaper

Photo: woman grocery shopping

When Wes Schroll moved into an apartment and began grocery shopping, he hated it. "I figured there had to be some way to utilize these (smartphones) that everyone has to streamline the process." So he built a company aimed at cutting your time at the checkout and making a small dent in your grocery bill.

Inside Info

Complaints about credit reports on the rise

Photo illustration: Credit scores through magnifying glass

Complaints about credit reports are up sharply in Wisconsin and nationally. The most common ones involve errors such as paid debt appearing as unpaid, or debts being shown that do not belong to the consumer. UW-Extension's Peggy Olive says it's up to each of us to keep our credit ratings accurate.  


Video: Speed cubers would amaze even Rubik

Photo: Rubiks Cube in hand

How fast are you at solving a Rubik's Cube? Odds are, not as fast as grad students Chris and Katie Hardwick. You have to see it to believe it. They compete all over the world against some of the best cubers and hope to bring some of that enthusiastic cubing atmosphere to UW-Madison.

Public Lecture Series: Crossroads of Ideas

Join Cecelia Klingele from UW-Madison Law School on Nov. 3 exploring ‘Criminal Justice Reform: What is Changing, What is Not and Why.’

In Memoriam

Millie Shain, former chancellor’s wife, dies

Photo: Millie Shain

Millie Shain, a gracious host to thousands of visitors to Olin House while her husband, Irving, was chancellor, died Oct. 25. She raised four children while teaching Montessori School and volunteering with several groups, including the Madison Weaver's Guild and Attic Angels. A memorial gathering will be held Friday.

In the Media

Landry advocates for safer youth football

Photo: Young football players

Serious injuries to high school, college and pro football players are contributing to declining participation in youth football leagues, Live Science reports. But the UW's Gregory Landry says rather than holding children out of football until they're older, they should be taught proper techniques while they're still young.

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