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The goal of Inside UW–Madison is to create a stronger sense of community among faculty and staff while keeping employees informed about what’s going on around them. It is a new form of the Wisconsin Week newspaper that was published on campus for 25 years.

Inside UW–Madison will publish stories about the people who make the university tick, the events that draw crowds from on and off campus, research that is shaping the future and the many ways in which the university helps make the state of Wisconsin great.

We’ll also include photos — both from our staff photographers and from people on campus and their smartphones — along with Q&As, important employee notices, obituaries, milestones and the occasional recipe or health tip.

Inside UW–Madison’s editorial focus is described below:

  • Faculty and staff impact: What’s most important to a faculty/staff member here? Do you know something new about key issues such as parking, traffic, human resources, construction, governance or an obituary?
  • Key messages: What are important pieces of news, achievements or appointments?
  • People and workplaces: Who is doing amazing work? What are the most unusual workplaces on this campus?
  • News you can use: Help us showcase our faculty and staff giving timely, topical advice or takes on the news, or tips on food, technology, safety or the arts.
  • Sense of place: What makes campus special? What are the best traditions? How has the work accomplished here changed the lives of people across the state or its students?
  • Research life: Who are the people behind the discoveries? What makes their lives here so unique?
  • Unsung heroes: Who are the unsung heroes that help campus operate? Who are some of the most influential TAs and graduate students?
  • Fun and interesting: What brings us together as a campus community? Have you seen pieces of social media or multimedia that are humorous or eye-catching?

If you have potential contributions:

Continue to send your news directly to the University Communications news system at as you always have in the past. Items sent here can be posted on,, sent to media and considered for social media or home page promotion.

Email feedback, links, ideas and targeted items about faculty and staff to

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where does Inside UW–Madison get its information?

A. From everywhere on campus. Our editors are always looking for news or feature tips; concise, complete descriptions of upcoming campus events; notification of important personnel or procedural changes in an organization; and other items of employee interest.

To compile information for Inside UW–Madison, University Communications works with campus leadership and outreach personnel in schools, colleges and campus units. We’ll consider information of campuswide interest from everyone, and you can submit ideas or items yourself.

We prefer to receive ideas or links about faculty and staff issues at

However, if you have content to be posted in the campus news system, or requests for coverage, email

Q. I have an item I’d like to have included in Inside UW–Madison. What types of news items are most commonly published, and how do you decide what will be included in each day’s issue?

A. Inside UW–Madison has a series of regular sections. They include:

  • Lead Stories: The most important news stories for employees
  • Top News: Major announcements, discoveries or policy decisions
  • Around Campus: Featuring the best faculty and staff profiles, events, research news, announcements from schools colleges and units,
  • Inside Info: A section showcasing campus expertise in trends or “news you can use” areas.
  • Notable Numbers: Key statistics or measurements relating to faculty and staff.
  • Social Buzz: Items of interest from the campus social media community, blogs, video or other interactive sources
  • Milestones: Awards, achievements, accomplishments, retirements or obituaries about employees
  • In the Media: The best of campus showcased in outside media or outside the university
  • Events: Key campus events, with a focus on those of interest to employees (please submit to the events calendar at
  • Interact:  A section looking for feedback on issues of interest to faculty and staff, including key questions, contests and the “What Are You Looking At?” photo quiz, among other items.

Q. Why wasn’t my item selected?

A. Inside UW–Madison has a varied audience with diverse interests, and our goal is for the stories we publish to reach as many pockets of that audience as possible. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that your news item will appear in Inside UW–Madison.

Inside UW–Madison’s editorial content is determined by the editors based on likely audience, timeliness and the topics of the stories also included in that day’s issue. We try to include a range of topics and ensure that all areas of campus are covered within a reasonable time frame.

If your item is not featured, it is likely that it will receive some coverage or publicity elsewhere, including or through social media.

If you have an event or other news item that you want to ensure is included in Inside UW, advertising is available at a nominal fee for campus units and affiliates.

Q. What are your deadlines?

A. Because Inside UW–Madison is sent over email to faculty and staff on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, we have rolling deadlines. If you have an item you’d like to be considered for publication, please submit it to at least three working days before you’d like it to be published.

Included in your submission should be your name, your department or unit, and the name, daytime phone number and email address of someone we can contact if we have questions about the item. Indicate approximately when you’d like your submission to appear in Inside UW–Madison, although we cannot guarantee placement on any given day.

The earlier you send an item, the more likely it is that it will be included in some way. The deadline of three working days applies to stories that are completed or posted on the campus web.

If you have a story idea that will require development and reporting, we require at least seven days’ notice, and you are encouraged to email

Q. What if my submission doesn’t make it into Inside UW–Madison?

A. Space in Inside UW–Madison is limited and best practices in electronic communications have shown that the less a reader has to scroll down a page, the more likely it is that person will remain engaged in the communication.

There are several options if your item isn’t included in Inside UW–Madison. Events should always be submitted to the university’s online calendar.

University Communications staff also maintain several Twitter feeds where more news can be disseminated. Schools, colleges and departments have similar opportunities, and each school and college has its own news outlet online. Always feel free to contact the communications or outreach office in your school, college or unit.

Q. Should I call to follow up my submission?

A. Inside UW–Madison receives multiple submissions each day. If you don’t hear from us, it doesn’t necessarily mean there is a problem with your item.

Please do call or e-mail the Inside UW–Madison staff to update or correct information. If you need to correct an error in submitted information, it’s advisable to make phone contact with one of our staff to be absolutely sure your correction is received and made.

Q. What are the most common mistakes in submitted news?

A.  Three types of mistakes typically delay or prevent publication:

  • Providing insufficient or inaccurate information, especially in addresses, spellings and job titles. To be useful, submitted items must be complete, correct and specific.
  • Omitting the name and phone number of a contact who can answer questions.
  • Submitting an item too late for publication.

Q. Does Inside UW–Madison use submitted photographs?

A. Yes. We are most likely to use close-up head shots of featured speakers or performers, photos from performances, reproductions of artwork and other quality photos or illustrations related to a campus event or activity.

We are less likely to use photos of people shaking hands, exchanging tokens of appreciation, cutting ribbons, breaking ground or speaking from a podium.

Include a caption, credit and background information for each submitted photo and email it to

Q. Why do some departments choose to advertise in Inside UW–Madison?

A. Inside UW–Madison accepts advertising produced by other campus units that wish to reach faculty and staff with news of their products or services. Advertising is one way to guarantee that your news item will be included in a particular issue of Inside UW.

Inside UW will accept material produced by and concerning university schools, colleges, departments, units and select campus affiliates, only.

Content of advertising is subject to approval by Inside UW editors.