Subscription Information

Below is a guide to common questions and answers about receiving Inside UW–Madison. If you have additional questions, email

Q. Who receives Inside UW–Madison?

A. A core audience of more than 27,000 employees, including all UW–Madison faculty, academic and classified staff, graduate assistants, TAs, RAs, PAs and employees in training receive Inside UW–Madison automatically.

Campus affiliates, such as those listed below also receive it automatically:

  • WARF staff
  • WAA staff
  • UW Foundation employees
  • UW Survey Center employees
  • UW Library Research Network
  • UW Extension & Colleges employees in Dane County

Q. I’m not on the list. How do I get it?

A. Other employee groups not covered here, retirees and members of the general public can also subscribe by emailing and responding to the confirmation message as directed.

Q. How much does it cost?

A. It’s free.

Q. I didn’t subscribe to Inside UW–Madison. Can I remove my email address from your mailing list?

A. Inside UW–Madison is delivered over email to all faculty and staff and includes news and useful information that is relevant to your employment at the university. Similar to institutional messages from the chancellor’s office or the Office of Human Resources, there is not an opportunity to opt out of this important communication.

As an alternative, you are welcome to delete it or establish a filter on your WiscMail.

Q. When is Inside UW–Madison distributed?

A. Inside UW–Madison emailed to campus on Tuesdays and Thursdays before 10 a.m.

Q. I enjoyed the paper Wisconsin Week. Can I still receive it?

Wisconsin Week was retired in May, and the university has moved fully to the email Inside UW–Madison. The new version provides more content about employees more frequently, without the same environmental and resource costs. However, you can print the email version or view it on the web.

Q. I don’t check my university email during the work day. Are there other ways for me to receive the information included in Inside UW–Madison?

A. We believe the information included is useful to your life on campus. If possible, we’d encourage you to check your university email at home, from one of many kiosks around campus or at a public library.

Q. I don’t have access to a university email account during my work day. How can I read it?

A. Talk to your supervisor, chair or director. Supervisors in the human resources community have been asked to post Inside UW–Madison in common spaces for staff members who may not have easy access to email. If you have additional concerns, email

Inside UW–Madison is a flexible format, and University Communications will continue to modify it to make it as accessible as practically possible.

Q. I don’t know if I have an email account. How do I read Inside UW–Madison?

A. You can visit Inside UW–Madison on the web, or click here for more information about activating your Net ID.

Q. I’m having a hard time viewing Inside UW–Madison. Can you fix it?

A. The HTML-based images and formatting of Inside UW–Madison will display correctly in the vast majority of mail programs, including Thunderbird, Outlook,, web-based WiscMail and common POP mail services such as Gmail or Yahoo! Mail. However, older versions of some programs, notably Lotus Notes, may not render all of the formatting correctly.

Q. How do I see the images in Inside UW–Madison?

A. Your mail program may prevent images from loading automatically. Many programs provide the option to “display images automatically.”

Q. Who produces Inside UW–Madison?

A. University Communications at UW–Madison. However, editions will be sent from Inside UW–Madison from the digitally signed address